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Motorbiking through Chernobyl - A thought provoking trip through the deserted radioactive zone.

The Backpacker's Ultimate Guide (BUG)

All Abroad Virtual Traveller's Magazine

Backpack Europe on a Budget

Lonely Planet Online

Guide to Sleeping in Airports!!! A MUST SEE!

European travel - The Guide

Radical Travel Network

Washington DC, Florida,

Learn the language before you go!

Babel Fish 'Copy and Paste' Text Translator

Bala Backpackers - Ideal for windsurfing on Bala/Llyn Tegid or kayaking at the whitewater centre.







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The Weird and the Wonderful

Ok, it's not a link as such. Download The David Brent Guide to dancing (1Mb).

(Right Click and select Save Target as - This server does not allow video streaming)

Mark Llama's Farm

Todays Horoscopes

What are you looking for??

Looking for Badgers with German Techno influences?? Try here!

Charlie's Angels Soundtrack - Northern Style!

Do you like the moon? This is the bees knees

Extreme Sports -- Freestyle WheelBarrow

Extreme Ironing -- Urban Housework

Looking for a pet that doesn't take up too much space?

Surreal animation and songs galore

.. People chatting to chat bots! AoLiza

Halo The movie Red v Blue!

Calm Down Dear! It's a commercial!

Lazy Stuff Magazine - Pro Procrastination!


Hunt down those discontinued CD's at GEMM

Bare Naked Ladies,the B52's Great Big Sea, The Wannadies, No Doubt, Sparklehorse, Neutral milk Hotel, Torch Song, Strange Cargo, Catatonia, William Orbit, Chantal Kreviazuk, More Orbit stuff, Elbow, Sigur Ros,

Elbow Sample












Friends Sites

Crock, Mannaz, Jurgen, Get Blogging with wordpress






Gadgets, Speed, Power and Turbines

aka Geeks corner!

Nye Thermodynamics work on many turbine based projects. My favourites are the helicopter engine driven jet boats! The most powerful is the 3000+bhp Squirt 2 powered by an ex US Navy 'Sea King' Heli engine. Watch the video's here....! Those cazy Canadians! I want a go!

Raptor Model Helicopter Site a useful reference for model Heli's (especially as mine's a Raptor too!)

John Williamson enjoys modifying stuff, his wheelchair, his car and his VW van. See also his Turbine powered wheelchair project!

Watch an FA-18 Hornet break the sound barrier!

Extreme Electronics, Tesla Coils <<NEW>>

Old Military Locations

Model Turbine Powered Cart!(wmv) <<NEW>>

Aussie Turbine Model Heli's...sound GREAT!(wmv)

Model Heli cutting the grass, a little too short! (wmv)

The best model heli video site <<NEW>>







Tracking Stuff!

Cast a book Free and follow it's journey! --A must do!!

Imagery --Disposable camera network

GPS Tracking Treasure! Geocaching

Track down a good pub with this impartial guide!

Treasure Hunt in the Peaks (without Anneka Rice..:0(


Retro TV

Treasure Hunt Ooh Anneka..ka ka! The Heli (Also used in the interceptor for ferrying). Digiguide on TH The later series. A Crisp eaters guide to TH.The Chatsworth Link

The Interceptor' s Lair!

ABSOLUTELY! Scottish Sketches! <<NEW>>

Free seats



















Media Design

Hammer & Tongs Originality at it's best! Dig deep

Some nice small random images here