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Welcome to Team O2J's home on the web.

To find out more about geocaching look up the most popular site

There are other cache sites available! My latest discovery is the recently started Opencaching UK, a free alternative to GC with full compatibility with Geokrety!

I am also experimenting with Geokrety. This is a free alternative to buying TB tags from geocaching. You make a free account at and then you can get tracking numbers for free which can be logged and tracked on Geokrety! The bonus is that if you use Firefox browser instead of Internet Explorer, you can customise it to show Geokretys next to TB's on any cache page you look at. You can do this by installing Greasemonkey add-on and then installing a script (simply by clicking a link!) Sounds complicated? Not at all....

Now when you look at a cache on the Geocaching page, Greasemonkey will overlay Geokrety TB's underneath the GC TB's. Try it!

There's another useful script that adds another SUBMIT button to the cache logging page if you look at the Geocaching Enhancements linked above it's in there!

We have recently (Aug 2006) started logging Trigs too! Log them at Teasels Trigpointing UK part of Geocache UK.

Here are some useful trig Links : If you are looking to cross ref flush bracket numbers (the number plate on trig posts) or just looking up a flush bracket number to log it, try using this useful tool which links straight to the log page of Trigpointing UK or this new one which is still having it's database populated.

If you aren't using Firefox Browser yet, here's the perfect reason to...Grease Monkey is an extension to Firefox that shows your Trigs bagged in your Geocaching stats....only if you log your Trigs at Teasels page, Trigpointing UK(part of G UK). The extension is a one click install as is the script that allows you to do it!

We do enjoy some sneaky camo caches and have made a couple in the past. My current favourite is Lenton Priory Gardens and seems to be going down well with all that do it !

October 2009 We're now coming up to 600 caches and have been to all of the UK mega events so far and looking forward to the Mega Scotland event in 2010.

August 2006 we are approaching 200 caches and thinking about another challenging cache to celebrate. In fact going to try to get the d and t averages up! So more difficult ones for us!

March 2006 The new TB is up and ready to go. Hopefully the Bug Resto will be complete by the time it gets back here! It will be dropped at a cache near you soon! It's current objective is to travel to Wolfsburg Germany.

As of 28th of Dec 2005 we hit 100 caches. And plan to do a d5t5 to celebrate. Thinking Jonah's Journey!


Useful Bookmarks :




Here's some more useful scripts for caching.

A useful map site for copy and pasting coords from geocaching! here is a good alternative for more challenging and better quality caches. The listings here are all peer reviewed so only the best are here! Navicache is an up and coming site with a fast growing database of new caches that are not bound by such strict guidelines as 'other' sites! Another site Buxley's Waypoint that amalgamates lots of geocache data (but due to's rather draconian data sharing policy of officiousness beyond compare, NOT their data any more!) for analternative to the mainstream stuff. See also what Wikipedia has to say about caching!


Old stuff and the perfect companion to this is the GeocacheUK (now sadly down) that had a great live GISmap of all of the caches in the UK.



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