Courtesy of Rally Bugs, the video here is a real taster of Aussie Bugs in action on a rally. Visit Rally Bugs and have a dig through their gallery!


Dedicated to the humble VW Beetle (Bug) this is the place for Air-cooled Veedubs owned by myself and friends over the last ten years, at shows and on the road. The Bug Jam Theme (8Mb) is here too! Download the Bughaus remixed German techno sounds with some of our own samples for good measure!

Bug Jam is back in 2008 for its 20th year and this year you can expect all the buzz of Bug Jam from rat-look bugs , to a wide choice of tunes and plenty of people. Held at the Santa Pod race track you can smell the burning rubber already. Click Here for More Details

For show dates and links to other Veedub sites, go to Veedub Links .

Want Wasser Stuff, there's a bit here...

Aircooled Volkswagens (and the Imp!)