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Project Update <<NEW STUFF>>

My project work was used and continued by WSS and the a paper was published outlining all of the work.

The final paper is called Dynamic Behaviour of Water Networks Controlled by Pressure Reducing Valves. Download the paper here.

It was published for the Computing and Control in the Water Industry Conference at Exeter University in September 2005.

'Deep Thought' Is the development codename of the software model of the PRV+Network combination. But will it be the ultimate solution?

This is based entirely upon the length of time the simulation takes to run!

1.2 billion billion years....but surely the answer will be worth waiting for!

Well it worked, after a little bit of juggling models!

Matlab Report of Network Model Ver3

Water Software Systems

A fascinating paper I discovered whilst trawling for info. I must spend some time time studying this topic during the summer...at a number of different locations...preferably warm!





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Reinstated this page as a repository for uni memories etc.after chatting with Ben. I recently found a receipt for Nat's and couldn't remember why it seemed so familiar!

Time flies! It's about time we hosted another random BBQ!

Paul has a new job at RR. Ben's got some new skis...Not spoken to Stu in a fair while!

Old Pencam Pics are here!!! Even Roman got in on them! Do you like the Harmonic components of that square wave? Was that a 2" monitor?

GRAD PICS! are here too


Was it really worth 45p for a hot chocoloate? I do miss those cheap brekkies in the old canteen though! Ahhh those cold dark mornings...a fry up! Nice! i don't miss advanced digital electronics!

A trip to Nat's for some Haribo anyone? Hmm Starmix in the afternoon!

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Were they all harsh? 40 Grit! maybe even 20!


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Or for an alternative opinion . Actually they could do with putting some proper Ales in. The design of the place with it's industrial styling is spot on in my opinion. Fave bit...the overhead cable suspended deck..and the comfy sofas!